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The Kardashian/Humphries divorce

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Divorce is nothing new to many famous athletes, actors and reality TV stars. However, one particular high asset divorce case has been getting a lot of media attention lately, the Kardashian and Humphries divorce.

A trial date has been set for the divorce. This particular divorce is getting so much press because the two sides are at extreme odds with each other. Emotions seem to be running high as Humphries is looking to have the marriage annulled, on the assumption that Kim K. only wanted to get married for her reality tv show. Kim K. denies this allegation, and is seeking a normal divorce. The dispute likely stems from issues over property division. A prenuptial agreement was signed and now both sides are trying to get out of paying spousal support, while Kim K. wants Humphries to pay his own attorney’s fees. It is unlikely the case will be resolved before the trial date in May.

While divorce is relatively common for big stars, for everyday people it is important to know what rights exist for both parties, no matter what the circumstances are. Even with a prenuptial agreement, both parties can agree to an agreement modification, especially if the divorce lasts for a significant amount of time after the marriage. Additionally, if children were not taken into consideration in the prenuptial agreement, then child support is likely grounds for a modification, as well.

When a marriage starts, the last thing both parties are normally thinking about is divorce.
However, in any divorce, there are many complicated divorce legal issues that should be considered so that both spouses are treated fairly.

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