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Tips for Having a Divorce Conversation with Your Family & Friends

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iStock 000023492101 Small 300x224 Tips for Having a Divorce Conversation with Your Family & FriendsGoing through a divorce can be hard enough for anyone, but it seems like when family and friends get involved that conversion can be ten times more difficult to have. You don’t want to upset anyone else, or see yourself more upset, so the question is, how exactly do I have this conversation with my loved ones? What things should I discuss and what things should I not discuss?

Luckily, there are plenty of healthy options and tips for having a good divorce conversation. Those tips begin with children. Children are very delicate beings, especially during a divorce. They can get really upset and start blaming themselves for their parents no longer being together.

According to Child and Family Mental Health, here are some tips to breaking the news of divorce to your children:

  • Make sure you plan the exact day and time for the conversation ahead of time and make sure you also plan out which parent will be speaking during the conversation.
  • Make sure both parents have the conversation together and not separately so the children don’t feel caught in the middle or confused.
  • Try your best to contain your emotions so the children are able to see that this sudden change is not detrimental.
  • Explain the housing situation (such as where each parent will reside, bedroom set-ups, etc.)
  • Try your best to keep the conversation short and age appropriate.

Aside from children, close friends can be much more understanding of a divorce that you could be going through. However, during this sensitive time it is best to have a great support group around you that can help uplift your mood and make you think and feel positively. Any friends who are negative or unsupportive during this time period are toxic and should be eliminated from the situation. Your friends along with family can make going through a divorce much more manageable so it is good to have a great group of people around your inner-circle.

There are many different issues that need to be considered in the dissolution of a marriage and the final divorce agreement will likely impact your life for several years. But for any legal advice or unanswered questions it is best to consult with an experienced dedicated family law and divorce attorney. They could provide you with alternative resources to help you and your family transitions and cope with life after divorce.

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