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Tips for an easier divorce

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  • Maintain Realistic Expectations: Don’t expect to have everything your way. As upset as you may be, and as unfair as you feel things are, if you seek complete domination, you will be disappointed. California is a no fault state, and when it comes to dividing property, awarding child support, spousal support, and working out a child custody plan, the law and court discretion will control. There are things you can do to help your situation, but you must be realistic.

  • Try to be patient. Don’t expect to have your case settled in a week. It takes time to work out a marital settlement agreement in most cases. You can work quickly to get your paperwork ready and a proposal drawn up. however, if your ex doesn’t want to sign off right away, you may have to go through the court system, and this takes time.

  • Control your Emotions: Divorce is painful and no one should minimize the pain of a divorce, however, try to remember that “this too shall pass.” You are not alone. Seek out family and friends and look for positive ways to rebuild yourself and your future. Keep the emotions out of the legalities and allow your attorney to walk you through the process. Try your best to be reasonable and logical.

  • Assert Your Position: Think of yourself as a person of strength, and as one who will rise above the circumstances.

  • Don’t Put the Kids in the Middle: Kids are not to be used as pawns. It’s not their fight, and it’s not their problem. You need to protect their lives and provide stability for them. Think of yourself as one who will rise above the circumstances. You will not allow your situation to destroy you and your children.

  • Communicate with Your Lawyer: Divorces are tough no question, communicate with your attorney and everything will flow smoothly.

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