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Tony Parker counter-sues for divorce…

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Two days after Eva Longoria Parker filed for divorce in Los Angeles, Tony Parker filed his own divorce papers at the Bexar County Courthouse in Texas.  In other words, Parker counter-sued for divorce.

Eva Longoria Parker had filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences” and had requested spousal support.  The San Antonio Spurs basketball star, filing for divorce under the initial W.P. (William Parker), seems to claim the reason for divorce as more of a “breakdown in communication”  Six of one or half a dozen of another?  You decide.

But what is most interesting about this counter-suit is that both Texas and California are community property states, so it is unclear what advantage Parker gains by filing. Especially since Eva Longoria Parkers’s papers were filed 2 days prior and according to reports, Tony Parker was served papers from that filing.  You can’t have two proceedings on the same divorce case in two states running concurrently.  A likely scenario is that the Texas courts would decline to hear the case since a pending action was alive in California, because Eva’s papers were filed first.  However,  if their state of marital residence was in Texas or if there was a venue clause in their prenup, it could affect which courts have jurisdiction.

One possible motive to counter-sue for divorce in Texas is time.  It is possible that it could take half the time to get a divorce finalized in Texas than it would take in California (apparently divorces are adjudicated in under three months in Texas).  Or it could be an issue of convenience.   Eva works in Los Angeles, CA. Tony works in San Antonio, TX.  Regardless of which state the case is heard, one of them will have to do some traveling to appear in court.

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