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Uncertainties in Estate Planning

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In order for an estate plan to remain strong, it is important to ensure that the assets included in a family inheritance are protected.

In order to protect your assets for future generations, there are several factors to take into consideration, including: 

·     How should the estate plan mitigate the effect of probate and taxes on an inheritance?

·     If the testator lives longer than expected, how will that affect an inherited retirement fund?

·     If money is deposited into a trust, what kind of future access should the beneficiaries have?

·     How will an estate plan account for the increasing cost of health care?

Estate planning is a complicated process.  If not handled properly, it can result in the needless loss of assets as well as stress for its beneficiaries.  If you have questions regarding Estate Planning, contact a Riverside Family Law attorney who can answer your questions or help you maintain an up-to-date estate plan – regardless of the estate size.

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