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Update on the Kardashian’s divorce

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It seems Kris Humphries, husband of Kim Kardashian for 72 days, filed papers to annul his marriage recently.  An annulment is requested when a couple wishes to void a marriage.  However, an annulment must be justified.

It was reported on television that, “If they were never married (as an annulment would rule), then the prenup wouldn’t be in effect and there would be no confidentiality.”  In other words, if he wanted to, he could make lots of money talking about their 72-day marriage since that’s what the Kardashians have done on their reality show.  

For those that care, stay tuned for more news, which I am sure will come along before long.  And, for those of you, who are truly married but realize you have made a terrible mistake and would like to file papers for an annulment or divorce, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will discuss your options with you.

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