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Vanessa Bryant withdraws her divorce petition

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Sports fans, have you heard the news?  After reading about their impending divorce for months and months, Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant and his wife of ten years, Vanessa, have reconciled; her divorce petition will be withdrawn.

Stories are circulating about why they have gotten back together.  Most tell the tale of the potential financial fallout if the divorce went through.  Reports indicate that Kobe would have paid approximately $365,000 a month in child support and about $1 million a month in spousal support.  Talk about a reason to stay married!

As if that isn’t bad enough – apparently the couple never signed a prenuptial agreement.  Vanessa would have been entitled to half of the couple’s marital estate under California law.  That’s not all.  When the couple originally split, all three homes owned jointly by the couple were transferred into Vanessa’s name; she has already sold one for more than $3 million.

Now, after spending tens of thousands of dollars for a divorce, the couple has gotten back together and is living in Newport Beach together.

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