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What can be included in a prenuptial agreement?

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No one wants to think of their marriage ending before they even say, “I do”.  Some people view a prenuptial agreement as taking the romance out of marriage.

Others view it as marriage insurance.  No one wants to think of divorce before the marriage takes place, but it is good to be prepared just in case.  According to statistics, prenuptial agreements are on the rise in this country, especially in California where the divorce rate is very high.

In recent years, prenuptial agreements have terms that extend beyond what is traditionally included, such as:

·     One spouse must maintain a certain weight

·     Hair color must stay the same

·     The property settlement increases the longer the marriage exists

·     If infidelity occurs, financial penalties will take place

No one knows if clauses such as the above are a good idea – people’s wants and desires are different.  Traditional premarital agreements are definitely a good idea because difficult and/or complex issues can be addressed and resolved at a time when the parties are thinking clearly.

If you need help creating a prenuptial agreement that is good for you, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will answer your questions, and help you arrive at the agreement that is in your best interests.

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