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What is a basic estate plan?

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Regardless of how old you are or how busy you are, it is important to take the time to plan for the future well-being of your children and loved ones.  Creating an estate plan is a way to provide support to those around you if you should die or become disabled.

A basic estate plan includes:

·     Will – provides for the transfer of your property by your designated executor at your death

·     Durable Power of Attorney – appoints a representative to make financial decisions for you if

you become incapacitated

·     Health Care Power of Attorney – appoints someone to make health care decisions for you if

you are unable to do so

·     Living Will – provides direction regarding what kind of health care you wish to receive if you

become terminally ill or are not able to communicate with others

·     Trusts – provides a level of financial protection with regard to taxes for your estate, detailed

planning for special needs and long-term elder care

Again, it doesn’t matter how old or young you are.  It is important to be prepared in case something happens to you.  Contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who can help you plan for your future security through the proper documents.

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