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What is a collaborative divorce?

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While divorces are generally considered to be bitter battles between ex-spouses, a collaborative divorce uses a gentler approach.

In many cases, even though a spouse no longer wants to be married, he or she does not want to fight in a courtroom setting over every detail and issue.  For couples like this, there are solutions and alternatives.  One of the gentlest forms of divorce is collaborative divorce.  It is when both parties and their attorneys work with each other to come to an agreement that is agreed upon by both sides.

While this situation can sometimes be difficult, the benefits can often outweigh the costs.  This type of divorce avoids hearings, depositions and bitter courtroom battles.  Both parties can protect themselves from financial and emotional stress.

If you are currently facing divorce, it is important that you look into all of your legal options.  Contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who can help resolve your situation as amicably as possible.

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