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What is a contested divorce?

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Every divorce case is challenging, but contested divorces can be especially difficult.  A contested divorce is when the couple cannot agree on key issues, causing a certain level of conflict between them.

It is best for all concerned when matters that are being contested can be resolved outside of the court through negotiations or mediation.  However, when children are involved, it is important to go before the judge to ensure that the child’s interests are protected.  A hearing is usually held between one and two weeks.  If a decision is not met, the court will determine who has the children on a temporary basis and who will pay for what.  The judge will also determine major issues if the spouses cannot agree or cooperate with each other.

If you are thinking divorce and cannot agree with your spouse regarding significant family issues, it would be wise for you to contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who can guide you through these issues and advise you of your legal rights and options.

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