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What is a protective order?

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A protective order is issued for the purpose of protecting an individual from being hurt by another due to acts of abuse, violence or verbal threats.  Oftentimes they are issued in matters involving divorce and domestic violence.

The individual requesting the order is known as the petitioner; the person receiving the order is the respondent.  If a “stay-away” order is issued, the respondent must stay away at a distance set by the court.  This includes his or her home, workplace and family.  If a “refrain from” order is issued, the respondent is not allowed to threaten, abuse, or harass the petitioner.  If he or she does, there will be legal consequences.

If you are facing an abusive situation and want to file for a protective order, contact a Riverside Family Law attorney who has the experience helping clients obtain protection from the courts when their lives are in danger.

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