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What is a temporary spousal support?

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Temporary spousal support, most of the time, is ordered by the court.  When the couple is communicating with each other, they may agree on an amount shortly after separation.  The court refers to it as temporary maintenance or “pendent lite” maintenance.

Temporary support is given to the husband or wife in order to maintain the status quo he or she is used to.  It gives that individual the time to reorganize their finances or look for a job if necessary.  This money is awarded while your case is pending and ends when the divorce is final or sooner if ordered by the court.

At the hearing, your complete list of monthly living expenses will be looked at.  The court will determine if permanent support is appropriate.  

If you are about to begin divorce proceedings and need support from your spouse or just have questions about if you will be required to pay spousal support, contact a skilled Riverside Family Law attorney who understands how family law works and can explain your rights to you.

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