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What is an annulment?

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An annulment does more than terminate a marriage; it establishes that the legal marital status never existed.

With a divorce, many issues arise, including alimony and division of property.  With an annulment, since the marriage “never existed”, none of these issues arise.  This may sound like just the situation for you; however, not all marriages qualify for an annulment.  Examples of voidable marriages include an insane person, two close blood relatives, an individual who is already married, or an individual who induces the other to enter into the marriage by perpetuating a fraud.

In order to get an annulment, you must be able to prove that one of these reasons is present.  If you have questions regarding an annulment, contact an experienced Riverside Divorce attorney who can help you make an informed decision.  Please keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations when filing for an annulment.

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