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What is custodial interference?

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One of the most important aspects of successful parenting after a divorce is making sure that the children have quality time with both parents.

California custody orders may allow parents to share legal and physical custody of their child.  Custodial interference refers to when a parent or other party does not comply with the terms of a court order regarding child custody and visitation benefits.  That individual is interfering with the parent’s custodial rights.

Is some obstructing your right to custody of your child?  Did your ex-spouse not return your child to you after his or her scheduled visit?  Or, are you the parent who is being kept from seeing your child by the custodial parent?  Is the court’s order for visitation being violated?  If so, it can result in civil law enforcement and even criminal law consequences.

If your former spouse is denying visitation to you and your child, it is important to contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will assist you on bringing your visitation rights case before the court.

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