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What is in a protective order?

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Going through a divorce is usually stressful for all concerned.  Most would prefer an amicable parting of the ways; however, this is not always the case.  In many instances tension is high and tempers are lost, causing others to be in fear of harm.

Domestic abuse is an act of violence by a member of the home, such as a spouse or partner.  When it occurs, the battered person can be thrown into a state of emotional pain, confusion and terror.  The victim can fear for his or her safety.  Steps can be taken to protect the victim from his or her abuse, which will alleviate some of the panic and fear.

A protective order is a temporary restraining order issued by a court to ensure the safety of the petitioner, such as requiring the other party to vacate the shared residence until the matter is resolved.  While the order is in place, the specified party may not have any form of contact with the victim.  They are also required to remain a specified distance at all times.

If you are involved in a divorce and feel that you and your children are in danger, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will help you obtain a protective order and will make sure you are safe.

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