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Why you should consider filing for divorce first

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Whatever the circumstances, divorce can sometimes come as a complete shock. More often though wives have an inkling divorce could be in their future. Typically both spouses can feel they are on borrowed time and frequently think internally of ending the marriage.

If this is where you feel your marriage is you may be wondering if it is financially and legally better for you to file for divorce before the other spouse does.

The answer is complex for no divorce proceeding is exactly alike but here are a few of the most important factors to consider:

  • You can have a team of aggressive and experienced attorneys already assembled and ready to defend your assets.

  • You have the opportunity to gather all the documents you need before the proceedings begin. It is critical to have in your secure possession copies of all relevant financial and legal documents.

  • Filing first may prevent your spouse from hiding assets.

  • Filing first lets you choose where your divorce will be adjudicated.

The most important thing is to build a strong and find a qualified divorce team to guide you through the divorce proceedings and help you secure a solid financial future as an independent person.

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