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Will a prenuptial agreement ruin my wedding plans?

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So, you want to ask for a prenup?

While the beginning of a marriage is an exciting time, the commitment to marriage can affect your rights and your financial well-being.  It is important for both parties to understand the potential financial risks that they may face in their marriage.

Once you mention the word, “prenup”, your betrothed hears only divorce.  This can turn into a very uncomfortable and stressful situation.  It is, however, necessary for you to protect your financial assets.

It won’t be easy.  You must plan for the right place and time. Make it private, but not during an intimate moment.  The worst thing you can do is to just hand your loved one an agreement.  Arrange for you and her or him to sit down and have a talk – in order to communicate your expectations about future finances – what you will share and what will remain separate.

  • Be prepared to answer questions, such as:
  • Are you questioning our marriage?
  • Don’t you trust me?
  • Respond positively – be reassuring – not defensive.
  • Getting married is a big step in anyone’s life.  Legal issues related to a marriage can be complex and emotionally charged.

If you would like to hear more information about what a prenuptial agreement includes, contact the experienced Riverside family law attorneys at Holstrom, Sissung, Marks & Anderson to discuss your particular situation – and then you can decide if a prenuptial agreement is right for you and your future spouse.

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