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Will divorce be good for your children?

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Divorce is not only life changing for you; it is life changing for your children.  The affect divorce has on children can be negative, but if done tastefully, it can have positive results.

Children, unless very young, can sense that things are not right between their parents.  Staying together with your spouse and being miserable at the same time will not produce happy children, especially if they believe you are staying together for them; it may make them feel guilty and upset.

Separating from your spouse may make you a happier person.  And, your children will enjoy the new, happier parent.  Your children will be happier because there is no more tension in their home.  Most children would rather be in a home with a happy parent than in a home with two parents that argue all the time.  It sort of teaches them a lesson to reach for what makes them happy and not to settle for a less-than-ideal situation.

By sharing one-on-one time with each parent, your children will get to know you and your ex-spouse better than they did when you all lived together.

If divorce is in your future, don’t hesitate about starting the process because you have children.  If you have questions regarding divorce, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney for more information.

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