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Your rights as a parent

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Although a husband and wife have similar objectives in a divorce, there are few issues that affect mothers and fathers in a disproportionate manner.

An important issue for a mother to face is economic equality.  Even though more and more women work full time today, there are still many who stay at home and care for their minor children.   Fathers, on the other hand, have a concern about having sufficient custody and visitation rights with their children after a divorce.  While family courts recognize the financial contribution that stay-at-home moms make to a marriage, husbands in a divorce situation are not always as easily convinced.

Mothers and fathers both fight for the same rights, which include:

  • A continuing relationship with their children
  • The best interests of their children
  • A secure financial future
  • A fair share of their marital property

Mothers and fathers both have rights that need to be protected.  If you have questions regarding your rights as a parent, contact an experienced Riverside Family Law attorney who will advise you of your legal rights and can handle even the most complex family law dispute.

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